INDUSTRY is so lucky to work with an awesome group of people that make up the venue’s Epic Vendor list. Building relationships are the key to successful events so we want to help put faces to names with guest blogs by our Epic Vendors. Learn more about their stories, their services, and valuable insight into wedding and event planning! 

You can imagine with having no-name, we get the question a lot where “Nameless” came from? We’d like to say it miraculously came to us one day, but, after raking our brains over options, we felt it was better to have no name than a bad one. Don’t worry, there were lots of bad choices!

Originally a pizza shop in Fountain Square in Indianapolis, Nameless Catering launched in 2014 as a delivery-only caterer. Since then, we have expanded to over 10 menus, offer beer and wine bar service, Nameless Live, corporate catering, and have catered over 250 weddings in just 2018!

At Nameless Catering we strongly feel that customer experience and service should never be compromised. We offer a variety of menu options, Smoky BBQ, Signature Pasta, and Savory Mexican to name a few, that include all beverages, plasticware, cutlery, napkins and desserts all in the package price. Staffing is also available plus other upgradable features such as plasticware.

We feel just as strongly about our relationships with the venues we work with! We were extremely excited to welcome INDUSTRY to Indy and it has been a pleasure working with their entire team. As a caterer, accessibility and set-up are huge factors when it comes to venues. INDUSTRY offers a variety of buffet options with beautiful farm house tables that highlight our menus. An easy unloading area, parking, and brand new kitchenette are great features offered at INDUSTRY.

Lastly, as in many aspects of life, communication is key! It is important that whatever venue you are looking at has strong communication skills not only for your experience but for your vendors too! A caterer, photographer, florist, etc. may not know all the guidelines your selected venue has and this can lead to confusion later down the road – not to mention extra fees (boo!). With INDUSTRY, prior to the very first wedding we catered there, we had open communication with their team and made sure each side asked all the questions they needed to in order to be on the same page for all clients moving forward. If we ever have a question or need assistance, at Nameless Catering, we know we can contact INDUSTRY without any hesitation.

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