Ditch the Hotel Ballroom for Your Indianapolis Corporate Event

February 27, 2024

When it comes to finding the right venue for an unforgettable special event, it’s a good idea to mix things up. 

Gone are the days when the hotel ballroom was the only choice for your annual fundraiser or awards banquet. Downtown Indianapolis is filled with creative event spaces offering excellent service and providing alternative aesthetics to “wow” your guests.  

Think about it as you plan your next event: Would you rather be stuck in a dull conference center all day, or in an airy venue filled with natural light, modern comforts, and the ability to work with your own vendors to create an unparalleled atmosphere that your guests will actually enjoy?

Booking a more unique event venue such as INDUSTRY for corporate functions will not only impress your guests, but it can make your event planning process more fun, and have everyone looking forward to the next corporate meeting or reception.

A corporate event setup at INDUSTRY in downtown Indianapolis
Photo: Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Limitations of Ballroom Venues in Indianapolis

While there are some benefits to hosting in a hotel ballroom setting, there are many more limitations. Here are a few to consider when it comes to planning your event.

  1. Limited Flexibility: Ballrooms often have fixed layouts, limiting the ability to customize the space according to specific social event needs.
  2. Tech Infrastructure Challenges: Older ballroom venues may not be equipped with modern audiovisual and technology capabilities, hindering the execution of multimedia presentations or interactive components.
  3. Parking and Accessibility Issues: Access to parking facilities and transportation options in Indy may pose challenges for attendees, impacting overall convenience and satisfaction.
  4. Noise and Distractions: Large ballrooms can sometimes suffer from poor acoustics or distractions from neighboring events, compromising both the ambiance and quality of presentations or discussions.
  5. Limited Outdoor Spaces: Ballroom venues typically prioritize indoor spaces, which may not cater to events requiring outdoor areas or prioritizing outdoor breaks for attendees.
  6. Catering Restrictions: Many ballroom venues have exclusive catering contracts, restricting organizers’ flexibility in choosing food and beverage providers.
Five women present at a corporate event in Indianapolis at INDUSTRY

Appeals of Unique Venues in Indianapolis

If not the ballroom, then where? There are plenty of premier event spaces conveniently located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis that can accommodate 200 people or more. Here are a few reasons we prefer more unique event centers.  

  1. Distinctive Atmosphere: Unique venues, such as historic buildings, art galleries, or outdoor spaces provide a memorable backdrop for corporate events. These non-traditional venues spark creativity and innovation, create a more relaxed atmosphere, and make the event unforgettable for attendees.
  2. Brand Alignment: Choosing a unique venue that aligns with your company’s values or mission can reinforce brand identity. Plus, many times you’re supporting one of Indy’s small, local businesses. 
  3. Customization Opportunities: Unique venues often offer more flexibility for customization, allowing event planners to tailor the space to match the theme or specific requirements of the corporate event.
  4. Local Flavor and Culture: At flexible venues like INDUSTRY, an open vendor policy means that you can bring in an award-winning chef, a local food truck, or any other caterer of your choice give your guests an authentic and memorable experience.
  5. Outdoor Spaces: Some unique venues offer access to outdoor areas, gardens, or rooftops, providing opportunities for alfresco networking, receptions, or activities.
  6. Technology Integration: Many unique venues are equipped with modern audiovisual capabilities and technology infrastructure, ensuring seamless execution of presentations, multimedia content, and interactive experiences.
A look at a corporate training event inside INDUSTRY

Tips for Choosing the Right Indianapolis Event Venue

No matter the type of event, you want your guests to leave saying things like “the food was delicious….everything was so well-planned…the staff was amazing,” and other complements.

Choosing the right venue is crucial, so here are our tips on how to make the best decision.

  1. Define Your Objectives: Start by clearly defining the objectives and goals of your event. Consider factors such as the theme, size, and audience demographics.
  2. Consider Location and Capacity: Choose a venue that is easily accessible to your attendees, and offers ample parking. Need to incorporate a stage or vendors tables? Find a space that can accommodate any event “extras” such as these.
  3. Assess Amenities and Services: Evaluate the amenities and services that the center offers in-house, and ask about the policy for booking additional vendors.
  4. Evaluate Ambiance and Atmosphere: Consider how this relates to your event theme and branding. Whether you prefer a modern, industrial space, a historic landmark, or a scenic outdoor setting, choose a setting that complements the desired vibe for your event.
  5. Plan Ahead and Secure the Date: Once you’ve found the right venue, book it well in advance to secure your preferred date and avoid scheduling conflicts. Work closely with the venue staff to finalize logistics, contracts, and any special requirements.

Say No to Hotel Ballrooms. Book Unique Today.

Start planning your next event with a premier event venue in the heart of the city. INDUSTRY is conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis, and is the ideal venue for all types of special occasions. 

Get in touch with our dedicated planning team to find out more about our full-service venue.